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Metropolitans of Chișinău and Riga celebrate 35th anniversaries as bishops
15 hours ago
Both His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir of Chișinău and All Moldova and His Eminence Metropolitan Alexander of Riga and All Latvia celebrated the 35th anniversary of their episcopal consecrations recently.

Patriarch Daniel recalls experiences with newly canonized Sts. Cleopa and Paisie
16 hours ago
The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church formally approved the canonization of 16 martyrs, confessors, and ascetics of the 20th century at its session on July 11–12.

Bulgarians see a miracle as wildfire dies out just before village church
16 hours ago
Locals are talking about how a miracle took place in their village of Voden in south-central Bulgaria.

The Greatest Gift of God
23 hours ago
Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok

Love is the greatest gift of God that man can receive in this temporary world.

Princess Olga: The Root of Russian Orthodoxy
23 hours ago
Stanislav Minakov

When she returned to Kiev, Olga brought with her icons, liturgical books, and the determination to convert the Russian people to Christianity.

Bulgarian Patriarch: With love we can’t be divided by philias and phobias, we...
23 Jul 2024 at 4:59am
The new Bulgarian Patriarch Daniil gave his first television interview for Bulgarian National Television’s Panorama program over the weekend, speaking on a number topics on the Church and politics.

VIDEO: St. Tikhon’s Monastery: A Joyful Noise
23 Jul 2024 at 4:48am
Orthodox musicians and artists have the opportunity to come to the monastery to live and study music and iconography taught by professional musicians and esteemed iconographers.

400th anniversary of glorification of Vyazniki Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
23 Jul 2024 at 4:33am
On Sunday, July 21, celebrations in honor of the 400th anniversary of the glorification of the wonderworking Vyazniki Kazan Icon of the Mother of God were held in the Murom Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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